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This is our 'personal' home study course, which is perfect if you would just like to study Style Coaching™ for your own personal growth and are not necessarily thinking about turning your knowledge into a new career. 

Please note: The 'Classic' package doesn't include any of our business training, business pack resources, business coaching, colour analysis training, IASC student membership, or lifetime support. You will receive a certificate of completion after taking 8 multiple-choice quizzes, but you will not be eligible to take the diploma examination paper. You will not receive a diploma certificate in professional Style Coaching™ or a trademark license to represent yourself as a Certified Style Coach™.

Our Online Style Coach™ diploma course is perfect if you want to begin a brand new career as a certified Style Coach™ and have access to all the very best knowledge, tools, resources, and support you need to make your venture a success! 

This package includes many additional features such as colour analysis training, business training, business coaching, forms, questionnaires, exercises and booklets for your clients, tutor support, template promotional material, a vocabulary guidebook, student membership with the IASC, access to fortnightly articles, monthly newsletters, online communities, and of course your diploma certification at the end! 

The Style Coaching Institute(r) has partnered with Urban Beauty Academy to offer Style Coaching™ courses in Singapore. The team at Urban Beauty Academy are dedicated to the highest standards of excellence and they are committed to helping you succeed as a professional Style Coach™. 

This Style Coach™ training course is the fastest, and most closely guided form of study offered by the Style Coaching Institute(r). We strictly limit the group to a maximum of just 12 VIP delegates, to ensure that participants receive the highest standard of mentoring possible. 

A key point to note about the VIP Fast-track Diploma Course is that it consists of three stages of study: 

STAGE 1: A 3-week home study period to leisurely read the initial study material and complete a short assignment (requires only 7-9 hours of study to be completed anytime before Stage 2).

STAGE 2: Attend 6 days of live tutored sessions in Auckland (please note: accommodation is not included).

STAGE 3: A 6-week period to conclude your studies and assignments from home (requires approx. 50 hours of study including assignments).

TRAINER: Margarita Politis 

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News & Updates from the Style Coaching™ Team

Kate Cutting - Director
The Style Coaching Institute® on Moodle
by Kate Redmond - Saturday, 21 March 2015, 8:58 AM

Hi Style Coaches™,

Welcome to the new online home of our Style Coaching™ courses. We have only just starting offering our courses in this new format (called 'Moodle') so please bear with us while we get used to a new way of working! There is a lot for us to learn for the first time, but in the ...

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